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Real Estate Myths

With a huge amount of data drifting on the web, it’s hard to figure out what’s reality and what’s fiction. While at times, this data is totally false, different circumstances it’s misconstrued to mean something very surprising.

This offers ascend to various myths that cause far reaching disarray among the masses. Lamentably, the land business is no special case to this. Be that as it may, given the way of the exchange here, the stakes are high.

Remembering that, we will attempt to expose a couple of regular land myths that will help expel any confusions you may have about the land business all in all.

All Real Estate Agents Are The Same

All real estate agents are not the same. Here in the real estate world, experience and knowledge talks. Just like no two doctors, lawyers, pilots or more are same, neither are real estate agents.

Some may have gone to the same school or passed some standardized tests; but when it comes to experience, everyone is distinct. Most importantly, experience in dealing in a particular region is what truly determines whether the real estate agent is proficient or not.

Always Leave Selling Price Open To Negotiation

When it comes to selling price, there are number of myths surrounding the issue. For instance, you may have heard people saying that selling price should always be kept higher because that leaves room for negotiation. But that does more harm than good.

When potential sellers come across any such information or advice, they tend to charge unrealistically high prices. As a result, even the most genuine buyers turn away. We cannot stress upon enough on the importance of getting the price right. Surprisingly, despite this being a delicate matter, majority continues to get it wrong.

Real Estate Agents Will Say And Do Anything To Make A Sale

This popular misconception stems from the idea that real estate agents only get paid once they close a sale. Therefore, they would do or say anything to make sure that happens.

However, in a majority of cases, that is not true. The reason being, real estate companies and agents are bound by certain codes of ethics, rules and regulations that, under no circumstances, can they violate.

Furthermore, for real estate agents, word of mouth – referrals – can do wonders. No real estate agents in their right mind would risk all that just to gain instant profits from one sale.